7 Reasons Why You Must Try Facebook Ads For Your Business

Facebook Ads

       Facebook has become the legendary social media platform that doesn’t need any introduction. Everyone, from school students to the eldest of the elders are now on Facebook. When it comes down to business, a Facebook business page plays a vital role in driving quality traffic to your website through Facebook ads and helps you in promoting your business.

The Social Media Marketing Era :

          No business or company today should miss out the opportunity of being present on social media, particularly Facebook. Facebook pages and groups bring in enormous traffic and user engagement.

social media marketing era

           Several businesses like Air China, Oreo, McDonald’s, Air Asia, etc. have achieved real-time success through advertising on Facebook. It has helped them increase their revenue and customer base to whole new level. In fact, Facebook has a separate page displaying the list of success stories from every single company.

Air China :

Air China Facebook Success Story

McDonald’s :

Mcdonald's Facebook Success Story

Ford :

Ford Facebook Success Story

Turkish Airlines :

Turkish Airlines Facebook Success Story

TripAdvisor :

TripAdvisor Facebook Success Story

Read on to get started with Facebook Marketing and start scripting your success story!

What are Facebook Ads?

            Facebook has been a proven champion, over powering several other social media websites. There are several factors that account for this victory and one important factor that stays on top is the ability for brands to advertise and Market through Facebook. The rising era of digital trends is witnessing various benchmarks when it came down to marketing. Facebook ads have shown their real strength by withstanding and supporting businesses with its exclusive feature sets and promotional opportunities.

            Basically, Facebook ads help in promoting your business or your company (and its products) through Facebook. All you need to do is create a Facebook page for your business, this is absolutely for free of cost. Facebook also gives the advantage of promoting your business through ads even without a  Facebook page for your business. To learn how to create a business page on Facebook, you should first understand how Facebook marketing fits your business!

Why Facebook Marketing ?

            Reports say that Facebook has more than 1.4 billion active users by the beginning of this year – a number that is far better than Google. To contribute further, it has more than 1.9 billion users in the mobile category. More than 2.7 billion likes happen on posts every day and an average of  890 million logins happen in one day. This is a massive community to gain momentum for your business with.

1. Facebook Ads – One Platform For All

            Marketing on Facebook has evolved over the years to help several businesses achieve their goals. From start-ups, well-established enterprises and local retail stores, everyone can promote their business through Facebook. It is one platform that fits all.

One Platform For All

            Facebook ads platform has been a good traffic initiator for several startups and has also helped them reach wider audience. Depending on the nature of the audience targeted, businesses can play around with their marketing budget to gain maximum visibility and traction in the market. Once the base is nicely set up, businesses can throttle for long term goals through Facebook marketing.  The business can also drive traffic to their website through Facebook ads. We will see how to set up Facebook ads and drive traffic through them in upcoming posts.  

2. Advanced Targeting Opportunities

            Since Facebook ads don’t work through search results. It has got its own style of reaching the audience through a wide range of advanced targeting opportunities. Facebook-ads help with granular targeting of your audience, play a vital role in re-marketing to prospects. Facebook re-marketing stands second only to that of Google.


            You just have to install the Facebook pixel on your web pages to create separate segments of the audience who visit your website. You can segment the users based on who has signed up or who hasn’t, who has converted into a sale and who hasn’t, etc. Although the major functionality of remarketing stands the same, it helps you convert your website visitors to a sale or a conversion. Facebook marketing provides you with three different detailed targeting opportunities. They are interest based targeting, behaviour based targeting and demography based targeting. These three areas cover almost all the segments of  your audience and help the user place the audience compass between specific and broader categories of targeting options. The more specific the audience, the better the quality traffic to your business!

            Facebook has its position sealed at the top when it comes to location targeting. The location settings in Facebook drill down to the level of targeting  users available in particular pin codes. Local stores can gain maximum profit for their promotions just by spending a minimal amount of money on promotions. Facebook is as close to covering the maximum demographic area as an advertiser can do.

            Facebook ads have separate campaigns that can target the users who are within a radius of three to 50 miles from the business or company. Facebook has been working on targeting algorithms for a while now and they’re on the right track. This could be pivotal for the local businesses that depend on their locality for sales and profit. All this can be done just by creating a Facebook business page(we’ll see how to create one in a while) for the store.  

3. Multiple Platform Support

            Another classy feature that Facebook can boast of is its ability to share the feeds from multiple platforms. For example, if you share a tweet on Twitter, the same can be shared on Facebook under your profile or your company’s Facebook page. Likewise, all your articles and stories can be shared on your Facebook page to gain visibility and traffic. Promoting across platforms, including Facebook helps you reach a wider audience and potential customers.

Multiple Platform Support

           This in my opinion makes Facebook, the biggest key player in the social media market pushing aside its competitors. People who have high visibility on other platforms can also engage with the audiences available on Facebook just by sharing their posts, tweets and articles in their news feed. It is as simple as it sounds!

4. Juggle With Variety

            Facebook allows you to choose opportunities according to your needs. For example, let’s assume that you would like to run a lead generation campaign for your business in a particular geography. You can immediately choose the option ‘Collect leads for your business’ campaign from Facebook’s adverts manager and setup the campaign. All you need is a set of ads, geo, audience and a specific budget to kick-start the campaign. Similarly, Facebook has several campaign opportunities for every business.


            To start promoting your business through your Facebook business page, you can start by gaining likes for your page, engaging with the audiences through your Facebook posts, share videos and promote them to your audience, promote your events, business apps and websites with the help of various campaigns. There are several Facebook marketing strategies available to promote your business and achieve revenue through the same!

            Every opportunity has clear details about the type of audience targeting and ad content for the users. It also has  clear call- to-actions in every ad copy to help the user understand what he or she can do with the ad. The ad copies also have customisable link descriptions and URL parameters for tracking. You can juggle with a variety of images and other ad formatting options.

5. Reporting That Matters

          Another classy feature of Facebook marketing is the detailed reporting section of the adverts manager. It has evolved over time to provide users with valuable insights and metrics on their campaigns running through adverts manager. As of now, Facebook adverts manager’s reporting section shows eight different tabs/categories under reporting, excluding the settings tab. They are Performance, Engagements, Videos, Websites, Apps, Events, Canvas, Clicks and settings.


           You can break your campaign, ad sets and even creatives one by one and do a complete analysis on the performance of each and every entity. You can also understand how the users have reacted to your creatives, get positive and negative feedback on your creatives, relevance score of your ads, frequency rate of your ads, conversion rate and more! It has got a whole new level of metrics that can be used to understand the performance of the Facebook ads.

6. Word of Mouth Marketing

           The impact of Influencer marketing has heavily shown a huge spike in the numbers for top companies with the help of trending influencers under every category of business. When it comes down to social media, every user is an influencer; your product’s existing customers in particular will act as top end influencers to share the opinion and reviews about your product on social media to gain a good number of new visitors and customers. Word of mouth marketing has always influenced business results.


           Facebook plays its role perfectly in word of mouth marketing. Marketers are primarily focussing on “Collecting” instead of “Connecting”. This is exactly where Facebook comes handy to help marketers connect with their audience and help them convert.Remember, your happy customers can market your product better than your marketer! Having 10 passionate fans/customers could send your business a level higher than having 1000 fans/customers that stay with you for freebies.

            Let’s us consider a real time example to understand this well. Almost everyone in the market tries to know about the product/company in detail before opting for an evaluation/trial of the product. When they try exploring about the same, most people get into Facebook pages of the company and try to understand the level of importance or support that the company provides to its customers. This is because of the fact that issues raised through Facebook and Twitter pages have very quick responses than raising a support ticket. If customers are dealt in the right way, they will obviously leave their happy comments on the page, review the company, and engage with the posts. This in turn helps in word of mouth marketing of your product to new audiences who land on your page!  

            A survey says that 82% of employees trust a company more when the CEO and other top executives communicate with fans/audiences on social media. 61% of the people buy a brand that gets good word of mouth on social media. Another survey says that 92% trust recommendations from friends and family and 70% read customer reviews online before opting for a product. This makes Facebook, the best place to gain the profit through word of mouth marketing.  

7. Engage With Your Audience

            Social media is the best place to connect and interact with different groups of people to collaborate better. Facebook has proven it big time right from the beginning. It has several opportunities that helps businesses to engage with their audience. Facebook Adverts Manager helps you create a new set of audience based on video views, lead ad campaigns and canvas ads.

Engage With Your Audience

            This helps a business to re-engage with the set of audience for them to sign up or convert as customers of the product. Engagements can be in any form, starting from page likes to post sharing.  Facebook ads help you engage with your audience through questions, photos, and many more opportunities. Timely content gets the best audience engagement; and the best part of audience engagement is that, you get to know your audience better, through which you can serve them with relevant posts and content. Facebook marketing also provides insights on your audience’s active time duration, so that you can start posting on those particular time intervals to get a good amount of engagement.

            Everything starts by creating a Facebook business page. You can run through the setup and the opportunities available here.

                Best practices for a good page would be to keep updating the page with posts every single day. This helps in brand awareness, user engagement and also increases traffic to your company’s website.

Running Facebook Ads

           Once you’ve created a page and started posting on it, you can think of running your first ad campaign. We’ll look at every single type of campaign that Facebook provides to its user-base to promote their business in the posts to come. A proper Facebook ad campaign can give you the below results:

  • Drive Online Sales
  • Increase Local Sales
  • Promote Your App
  • Raise Brand Awareness
  • Generate Leads

         Every business would love to show its supremacy by achieving all the points above.  Facebook helps your business by letting your users engage with you through Facebook posts. It also provides live insights about the page, posts and ad campaigns that you run. You can measure the engagement received through every single post on your Facebook page. A good start to  understand Facebook Marketing would be to create a new page for your business and run a very small campaign to get more likes on your page. The campaign statistics will allow you understand the metrics and insights better.

          Facebook also helps your stories reach the right audience to gain good visibility at the right time. A good Facebook business page will have posts everyday and based on current and trending topics, creates more audience engagement. These posts will also need to have a good call-to-action. This will help you understand your audience better and reach them at the right time and place.

           Now it’s your turn! Please let me know your thoughts, suggestions and any further reasons that could fit-in for opting Facebook ads for a business!


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