Canvas Ads On Facebook (An Easy How To Guide)


Facebook has been working on this ad for a while and was able to push it out to the general use for the marketers in Feb 2016. Facebook canvas ads provide the user with immersive mobile experience. Several people have compared Facebook canvas with instant article and yeah! It looks similar to it and canvas ads works like charm for mobile targeted campaigns. Canvas ads lets you advertise your product or as a company in a fashionable way by putting things together in a storyline format. It also lets you add images, videos and importantly a call to action to improve the conversion rate of the campaign.

What can Canvas ads accomplish ?

Canvas ads have a great capability in conveying messages about product and their features in an easy way such that the users understand them. Upon clicking the canvas ad, it expands on your mobile screen and displays the storyline / ad. Users can navigate through the ad / scroll them to understand further. There is a separate reporting category for the canvas ads defining how long did the user engage with the canvas ad. And most important of all, you need not be a coding ninja to display canvas ads, it is absolutely simple.

It is always better to have a good preview of the ad so that user clicks on the ad to engage with it for a longer duration. Also, having a call to action is mandatory to drive conversions. Apart from that, there are several other features and options that marketers can customise before taking them live in the campaign. Best works for product based companies since it provides an opportunity to detail a lot about the product through the ad. Proceeding further, let us deep dive into the setup to create a canvas ad.

Creating a Canvas ad :

You have to start with your Facebook business page to set up / create a canvas ad. Open your page and click on the Publishing Tools option. 


On the left pane, you’d be able to see the Canvas on the bottom. Select the Canvas.


Now select Create.

After selecting create, you’ll be shown with three options :

  1. Single Screen
  2. Storytelling
  3. Fullscreen Media

Canvas-ads-Three options

Depending upon the requirement, you can choose the best ones that suits your needs.

For explaining further, I’m choosing Storytelling here in this example. After selecting Storytelling option, select Use Layout to proceed further.

After selecting this, you’ll be shown with a Canvas builder with components additions part on the left and the preview of the Canvas ad on the right.


On the left top, you’ll have the option to name your canvas ad. You can add your name and select a theme. The theme selection can be done with the help of the Image and text content you have for the promotion. It has three main themes.


Below the theme section, you can find the Add component. Upon clicking, you’ll be provided with 6 options to choose with :

  1. Button
  2. Carousel
  3. Photo
  4. Text Block
  5. Video
  6. Header


These are nothing but the pillars that build the canvas ad. You can setup a Sign Up / Read More / CTA action by selecting Button.


Upon selecting Carousel, you can manually add the carousel. You can add photos and create a carousel right within the canvas block.  


Photo is nothing but the regular creative for the ad. You can select it to add in the course of the canvas ad.


If you plan to add a custom text content for your canvas ad, you can try adding some text content using this Text component.


Next one is the video option. If you have a resource video, or a feature explainer video, you can embed / add through this component.

The header image for the canvas is the final one, that should have been provided first though 😉


And for every option you select, you’ll able to do the formatting on the left pane and Facebook allows you to move / swap components as per your requirements. Once done, you can see the preview on the right side. And at the same time, Facebook lets you check the real time preview of the mobile version on the right top. Upon selecting this, you’ll get a mobile notification on Facebook app and you can open it to check the preview of your ad on your mobile.

Canvas-ads-preview 1


Canvas-ads-preview 2

If you feel comfortable with the preview and the settings, you can save the ad using the save button at the top. Upon saving, your ad will get added to the list of canvas ad in the canvas ad library and will be ready to be put into action for your Facebook campaign.  

Its been doing wonders for our ad campaigns. We started to to receive 15% additional signups through the help of Canvas ads. Please share us your stories in the comment section if you have tried canvas ads!