Creating A Facebook Business Page

Creating a Facebook Business Page

As a growing business, everyone wants their presence to be felt in the market, particularly on Social Media for branding. When it comes down to Facebook, Facebook Business Page is the best option to promote your business as a brand and gain visibility in the market. By setting up a new page for your business on Facebook, you can start setting up different campaigns to promote your business, increase traffic to your website, increase the audience base and much more. Now let us dive deep into the process of creating a Facebook page.

How To Create a Facebook Business Page ?

Creating a Facebook business page doesn’t take more than 30 minutes, which includes setting it up and adding your business details. But this is kind of gate pass for entering the Facebook ads. You cannot play around with Facebook ads if you don’t have a separate Facebook business page for your business. You can name the page with the same name of your business.

Step 1 : Login to Facebook

Login to Facebook and go to the top right section and hit the menu and select “Create Page”. Or you can simply type the URL on your browser when you’re logged into Facebook on a different tab :

Step 2 : Select Your Type

Select the type of business for which you are planning to start the page. The page has six different options to choose from

Creating a Facebook Business Page - Types

If you’re opening this page for a page or local business, you can choose the first option “Local Business or Place”. Or if you’re opening this for your company or institution, you can choose the second option,”Company, Organisation or Institution”. If you’re opening this page for a brand or product like Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, you can choose the third “Brand or Product”. If you’re opening this page to show some artistic creations(art, music, etc.) kind of stuff , you can choose “Artist, Band or Public Figure”. If you plan to update your page about Movies, TV shows, Drama, Videos, you can choose the category “Entertainment”, and finally you can choose “Cause or Community”, if you’re planning to share content like DIY kind of stuff. Basically this category won’t be sharing anything related to business or products.

Step 3 : Category & Company Name

After selecting the preferred option, you will be shown with a drop down of list of categories and a text area to provide the company name. Select the category of your business and provide the name of your company/business and hit on “Get Started”.

Creating a Facebook Business Page - Category & Name

Step 4 : About, Website & Facebook URL For Your Page 

Now, you just need to provide the basic information about your business and what is your business all about in this section. Once you’re done with it, provide the website name underneath it and choose your preferred Facebook URL for your page.

Creating a Facebook Business Page - About

Step 5 : Setup Profile Pic For Your Page

You can either choose from your computer or you can also import from your website if you have it uploaded.

Creating a Facebook Business Page - Profile Picture

Step 6 : Add To Favourites

Add to Favourites is an easy option for all the users since you’ll own the page that you’re about to create. If you select add to favourites, it’ll be always visible on the left pane of your timeline for easy access.

Creating a Facebook Business Page - Favourites

Step 7 : Preferred Page Audience

This is an important section for every business, since this decides most part of the audience engagement factor on your Facebook posts. You can prefer the audience from a particular location, age, gender and based on interests and languages too. Once you’re done with the selection process, you can hit “Save”.

Admin Actions

As the owner of your page you have the power to manage your business page or you can keep adding people to manage the page. You can do this by accessing ‘page rules’ in your ‘settings’ section. The admin panel also gives you insights and data like reach, number of likes the page has received and traffic to the page.

Doesn’t these steps sound too easy to kickstart with? What are you waiting for ? Go ahead and create a page for your business. Please do not hesitate to leave your feedbacks or queries in the comment section!

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