Get Installs of Your App Through Facebook


Starting from 2010, digital trend has seen a drastic spike in mobile traffic. Since then, businesses have made their solutions on the go for users through mobile app versions of their products. Starting from minor notifications to closing out a particular ticket, everything has become quite easy through mobile apps. Earlier, there were two simple versions – one for Android  and another version for iOS.

PS : Since the desktop based apps are outnumbered by mobile, the blog will be dealing much about the mobile app promotions.


As the mobile market kept on evolving, several new variants hit the market. So separate version of apps had to be released. For example, there should be two different apps iPhone and iPad under iOS section and Android’s number is even bigger considering the different tablets and mobile models in the market. Everyone who owns a business, started to release their business apps to help users on the go. This process not only saved their time, it also helped to gain an upper hand over the solution that they had bought.

Why should a business develop its own mobile app ?

A tricky question but a simple answer is – Necessity! Everybody demands mobile apps for day to day activities, almost for everything. Google play store and App Store(iOS) are flooded with millions of apps for its users for the same. Particularly, there are some businesses that solely run on mobile apps, best example would be Uber. For car bookings the users must download the Uber app from the respective store first. So, such is the necessity of the mobile apps in digital era.

Facebook’s Help In Promoting Your App    

Market leader Google has got various opportunities to promote mobile traffic for any particular business. But the focus towards app promotion in play store hasn’t been that great. That’s exactly where Facebook has stamped its supremacy for the businesses that are struggling to get installs of their apps. Hence, Facebook has shown this to the market in a “first of its kind” way. Now let us get into the process of promoting your business app.

Your business could be under any industry. All you need to do is to have a mobile app available live on Appstore or Play Store. Simply copy down the URL of your live app from either of the store to kick things off! Go to Adverts Manager and choose “Get Installs of Your App” and provide the campaign name at the bottom.



Get Installs of Your App : App & Audience

The first thing the next page asks from you would be the URL of your app. Paste the copied URL and proceed to audience.

get-installs-of-your-app-through-facebook-app url

App install is something that could cost you more than a conversion or a website signup. So, please have your audience set ready for this campaign to get the best output.


You can create a custom audience set or lookalike audience in different tiers and target them accordingly.


Get Installs of Your App : Placements & Devices

Once you’re done with audience targeting, get into the placement settings. Depending on the availability of your audience across different placements, choose your option that best matches your criteria.


For the devices section, the Facebook algorithm understands the URL and by default shows the iOS Devices Only or Android Device Only. You cannot make any changes on the above option(since there’s no use in showing the ad on a iOS device for the app that’s available on Google Play Store), but you get to choose the type of device that you’d like to target your ads on.


If your app is optimised for Smartphones alone, you can choose it or you can also select tablets if you have a compatible version of the same available on the Play Store. You can also exclude any particular type of devices that you don’t intend to target in the exclusion section. Depending on the compatibility of your app, you can also select the version of the device OS too. And one important feature that every user misses out is, checking the “Only when connected to Wi-Fi” option. Most of the users don’t download the apps using mobile data. Instead, they opt for downloading and installing the apps on Wi-Fi. Hence, you can save some bucks if you select this option.

Get Installs of Your App : Budget And Ad Optimisation

Depending on your optimisation, you can fix your budget of this campaign. For selecting the recommended option of “App Installs”, you need have the Facebook’s SDK iOS or Android to your app and validate it. This helps in understanding the number of installs that occur through the campaign and helps in further optimisation. Apart from the above, you can also select Link clicks and App Events for optimising your ad.


If you select Lifetime Budget, you can try scheduling the ad sets for particular time period of a day. Also, depending on the optimisation, the bidding changes from CPC to CPM and vice-versa. Proceed ahead and name your advert set and go to the next page.

Get Installs of Your App : Ad Creation And Order Placing

From the list of 4 variants, you can choose the ad format that best matches your needs. And before creating the ad copy, it is always better to go through the competitor ad set to have a good idea of what could be better in your copy. You try a variety of images in slideshow, carousel or single image ad copy too. But the ad content and image should convey a message and help the user to install the app on their device. Since you’re opting for increasing the installs for your app, you can select the “Install Now” CTA for the ad. Once done with the above steps, you can review your order thoroughly and place the order.


On a side note, users have succeeded with fantastic results in terms of numbers, when they promote the ad copy with bundled offers and credits. Try to give it a spin!

Now, it’s your turn. Do let me know if you have good ideas on promoting your app via Facebook. You can always share the ideas and suggestion in the comments section.