Increase Brand Awareness Of Your Business(An Easy How To Guide)


Any company that plans to leave a quality impression in the minds of its customers, must prefer proper branding activities by following a consistent theme. There are several companies that have taken branding to the next level and survived centuries with the help of brand name and image as well. One good example is Coca-cola. It’s almost known across the world, only through its brand.



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What is Branding ?

Before looking into the point of increasing the brand awareness, let us first think about a practical question – What is Branding and Why is it necessary ? In simple terms, branding is usually the process of creating a unique name and an image(logo) for a company or its product to get recognized by the consumers by following a consistent theme. When it comes down to branding, consistency matters the most. The companies must stick to the same theme, font, logo and text to advertise in the market to get proper recognition.

For Example, let us consider Google. It has shown slight variation over the decades in its font appearance. But it never changed its colours until now. Anybody can identify the search engine’s colors within micro seconds. That’s the best example of proper branding for a company.

Google Logo

Why is Branding Necessary ?

Branding is mandatory for every company and business. It explains who you really are and how are you separated from others in the competitive market. A strong brand generates lots of sales and referrals. Brands also set expectations for your products and businesses. A proper branding strategy involves company name, logo, slogan and good color theme. Branding is another way of letting people speak for you and generate expectations, so that the market is keen to know about your business.  

Considering the above points, branding is quite elemental in a company’s growth and reach. Instead of trying out other digital measures to increase the brand reach, social media platform can be the best place to start with for increasing your company’s brand reach. Two factors play vital role on Social Media to gain the user’s recognition for your business through branding. First one would be, following a constant theme, color and approach. Secondly, posting consistently on social media platforms by following branding guidelines for the business.  

Let us now dive deep into Facebook’s version of increasing the brand reach for your business. Campaign for Brand awareness can be initiated by getting into the adverts manager and clicking on Increase brand awareness. 

Increase Brand Awareness

Facebook asks you to set a campaign name at the bottom of the page and you are cleared for the next step once you’re done with it.

Increase Brand Awareness - Awareness

Increase Brand Awareness : Audience Creation

It’s be really good if you have already setup the Facebook pixel on your website and started to capture the audience in a separate set. You can use that set to target the users and increase your brand reach through them. And this happens to be a best practice since they’ve already visited your website and they’re aware of your company’s prospectus.

Increase Brand Awareness - Audience

Another option would be to create a new set of audience you’d particularly want to target. These can be custom audience or lookalike audience. 

Increase Brand Awareness - Audience 1

If they’re from re-marketing campaign, you don’t need to select the location preferences. But you create a new set of audience, then go ahead and select the targeted location you want to increase your brand reach.

Increase Brand Awareness : Interests, Behaviours & Demographics

One good shot at this campaign would be the right type of focus towards which you can target and attract like minded people and the folks who’re interested in your business. So, better choose the type of interests and behaviours quite relevantly to gain maximum outputs through the campaign.

Increase Brand Awareness - Interests

Increase Brand Awareness : Placements & Budget

Placements can be of your choice and select the type you intend to. Facebook ads normally recommends automatic placements for serving the users. 

Increase Brand Awareness - Placements

Choose a budget range and daily spend amount. You can keep in mind about the audience base and fix the number. When you’re done with the above steps, you can go ahead and name your ad set and proceed to the next stage.

Increase Brand Awareness - Budget

Increase Brand Awareness : Ad Creation And Order Placement

This step is exactly similar to the steps that I explained in my previous blog. You can find out the step by step ad creation procedure here. Once you’re done with the ad setup, review your order and place it.

One final suggestion to promote the branding for your business would be to add hashtags and add your company or tag to promote the content. Also, you can use hashtags for your company’s event promotions.

Now, it’s your turn to discuss about the branding strategies that you’ve tried through Facebook. Please leave your suggestions and opinions in the comments section.

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