Increase Your Facebook Page Post Engagement (An Easy How To Guide)

Increase page post Enagegement

Facebook Page Post Engagements” sometimes decide the success rate of a short campaign. It can be increased through boosting the posts. “Boost Your Posts” identifies itself to be the first try for all the social media marketers to understand what happens when you jump into the paid section of Facebook Marketing. As the name implies boosting the post helps the post to reach out to wider audience base and engage with the users at a short duration for a specific budget. When put on scale with organic reach, both opportunities show several differences.

For example, let us consider that a webinar coming up in pipeline with a short notice for its promotions. Marketers can use this opportunity to promote their webinar on Facebook using this feature. Audience is a good topic to discuss under boost post option, lets have a detailed look later.

Facebook provides two simple ways to access boost post option. First method is to straightaway hit the “Boost Post” button available on your post at the right bottom.

Increase page post Enagegement-Boost Post

Besides, you can toggle into the Adverts Manager section and select “Boost Your Posts“.

Increase page post Enagegement-Boost Post-Adverts Manager

To be precise, these two options have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let me take you through both the options one by one. Let us look at first option – Boost Post Button.

Boost Post :

By clicking this button, a new pop up window holding the settings tab opens up.  A preview tab for showcasing the post can also be seen the right side. The first setting that you have to go ahead is your audience set. This is the set of people, whom the post will be reaching out for engagements. Engagements here refers to Likes, shares and comments, etc.  There are two basic and default types of audience whom you can select to run the campaigns and they are (a) the people who have liked your page and (b) people who liked/like your page and their friends. If you have enough likes on your page and should you feel that as plentiful, please choose either of these or you can right away go ahead and select the last option (c) Create new audience.

Increase page post Enagegement-Boost Post-Audience

Boost Your Post : Creating New Audience 

Once you select the create new audience option, another window pops up and asks for further details. You can start by entering the name of this audience set and proceed further in choosing gender and age. The next one is the tricky part – Locations. For example, if you’re running a local store and have an offer to promote for your area. To find better results,  you must select your particular area/region alone in the location.

New Audience

Once done with the locations, next comes the “interests” part. Now go ahead and select the target audience whom you think would be the apt segment for your post and hit the save button. The biggest disadvantage of this version lies here. You don’t get to target users based on behaviours and demographics. It is just the interest based targeting alone. Once saved, the new audience set is created and will be displayed under the existing ones. And not to forget that if you have already saved any new set of audiences, they will get displayed here too. You can select them as well.

Boost Your Post : Budget And Duration 

This option helps you in finalising the budget and timeline for your campaign. Unlike other  opportunities, you cannot perform ad scheduling for the boost your post option. Just hit the drop down button to select the budget from the listed numbers or you can give your own. Next comes the duration of the ad with three default options (a) 1 day (b) 7 days (c) 14 days (Didn’t I tell you this campaign works well for shorter duration?) or the last option, where you can define a date and get your campaign up and running until that date. Once you fill in the payment details, you can hit on the “Boost” button to start the campaign. You can measure the engagement of the campaign in the reporting section(you can find more and understand about the reporting section here).

Budget & Duration

Boost Your Post – Awareness

Boost your posts adverts is another way to promote your page posts for the same purpose. The adverts manager helps you to name your campaign right at the time of selecting the option. Just go ahead and name your campaign and hit on continue button.

Adverts Manager - Boost Post

Boost Your Post : Audience

You get the advantage over the previous opportunity by targeting your site visitors by adding the Facebook pixel on your website. (You can learn more about installing the Facebook pixel in your website here) This can also help you in re-marketing purpose. If you plan to create new audience, you can either create (a) custom audience or (b) lookalike audience. Custom audience could be the emails of particular users you plan to target or website traffic or the people based on app activity or the people who have engaged with your content on Facebook. Lookalike audience is the similar audience set resembling your existing list. Generate similar set of audience through the help of source and country details. Oh! Did I tell you that these two options take time to build the audience set?!

Adverts Manager - Boost Post - Audience

Followed by location, age, gender and another value added option –  language. You can select the targeted language for your campaign. Another added advantage of this version gives you the liberty to choose the demography and the behaviour based targeting apart from interest based criteria. You can save this audience and repurpose the same, the next time.

Boost Your Post : Placements

The placements decide the output and metics of the campaign. Depending on the need or the goal, you can select the edit placements and select the platforms where you wanna promote or you can leave it to Facebook to show the post wherever it feels to be a good fit by selecting the Automatic placements.

Adverts Manager - Boost Post - Placements

Boost Your Post : Budget And Scheduling

Allot your budget as per the need.  This version lets you schedule your campaign by selecting the Lifetime budget option. You can run the campaigns between the chosen timeframe. Furthermore, you can allot time slots for particular days under the ad scheduling option.

Adverts Manager - Boost Post - Budget And Scedule

Boost Your Post : Ad Optimisation

Ad optimisation leaves you with three options, particularly (a) post engagement, for getting good number of likes or shares (b) Impressions, to reach the largest number of times for a particular time (c) daily unique reach, same users won’t see the posts again. Selecting the bid amount is a tricky call.

Adverts Manager - Boost Post - Ad Optimisation Options

Automatic bidding has the chance of wiping out the budget. But, manual bidding might not use the budget at all. Once done with ad optimisation, you can name the ad set and go to the next page for initiating the campaign.

Adverts Manager - Boost Post - Ad Optimisation

You can select the post that you want to promote or you can create a new copy by adding text content and an image. You also have the opportunity to track the number of conversions for the posts that you promote. When you’re done with these steps, the best practice is to review your order before placing it. Once reviewed, place the order.

Ad role out

Now, it is your turn! Please feel free to share your ideas and tips to increase the Facebook page post engagement techniques in the comments section.

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