Promoting Your Facebook Business Page(An Easy How To Guide)


Promoting Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook has kept on updating the promotional opportunities to increase its business and also to help the user’s business. As a matter of fact, Facebook has started to push all its users to gain maximum of number of likes for the Facebook page they own. The primary point is to retarget these users for promoting the business. The business could be anything. Starting from a website to a bakery. If it is the case of website, Facebook helps in driving standard traffic to the site from the Facebook page. This blog is all about promoting your Facebook business page, which indirectly means increasing the number of likes for your page. 

I’d like to recall my previous blog that explains, “how to boost your posts on your page”. Because, the set up and the procedures are going to be almost similar to this process as well.

Promoting Your Facebook Business Pagefacebook-likes

Facebook lets you promote your page organically if you keep posting on your page. It also helps in engaging with your page users. You can invite your friends to like your page and also ask their friends to like your page too. If you have a separate website for your users, you can add a Facebook plugin to help the users in liking your page just by being on your website. Page likes also gets a boost when users run paid ad campaigns and that has been a proven result too. Users get to engage with your ads and that leads to page likes. There are several companies who have gained page like just by posting clever ads and campaigns through Facebook.

One such notable story is the ad campaign of a Mexican store. They started a Pokemon themed campaign focussed on local users (nearby areas). They saw an increase of 1600% in their Facebook Page likes just through this ad campaign. The campaign did not only bring in more customers, their post got viral on social media and they started receiving customers from different regions as well. This sets an excellent example for other fellow campaign planners to set things on right track at the right time to achieve success.  

Promoting Your Facebook Business Pagefacebook-likes

Source : AdEspresso

Apart from organic methods, Facebook has got its own strategy to promote the page by paid versions. Let us directly dive into some of the opportunities and look how things get smoother if we opt them! It is always better to start promoting your page when you cross the 500 or 1000 likes mark. So that the existing users help you in good engagements for your ads and posts. Like the previous blog post, this paid promotion can be done in two ways, the first one just by being on your Facebook page and the second one from your Facebook adverts manager.

Once you’re done with page creation process and started updating content, you can start promoting your page to gain likes. On the leftmost bottom side, you can see an option called “Promote”. Once you click it, a small drop down will happen with a number of options :

  1. Boost your post
  2. Build Your Business
  3. Get More Website Visitors
  4. Get People To Like Your Page
  5. Share Page With Friends

Promoting Your Facebook Business Page facebook- options

You can directly go ahead and select the “Promote your Page” option. Now a promote page pop up window appears on your screen. The left side has the settings lined up and the right side can be used to preview your page as different ads.


Promote Your Page : Audience & Locations

The first few settings are quite general like the previous ones. You can choose the Gender and Age of your target audience. And next comes the interesting part, Location. This setting depends completely on the type of your business. For example, if you’re owning local store and don’t have a website, you should choose the particular location of your store to target the Facebook users from in and around your area.

Promoting Your Facebook Business Page - Promote pop up

Promote Your Page : Interests

Your page can be promoted for the people of your page’s genre. You can go ahead and select the people who are particularly interested in your field. Maybe if it’s photography, you can add, Artists, Models, Photography etc. in your interests section. This is a wide section and you can play with a number of options available under it.

Promoting Your Facebook Business Page - Interests

Promote Your Page : Budget & Duration

You can set the amount you intend to everyday for promoting your page. The best part is, it tells you the estimated likes you’ll get for the amount that you specify. Once you’re done with the budget, move on to the duration and set the number of days you plan to run the campaign. By default, you have three options, 1, 7 & 14 days. For a different timeframe or duration, you can set the end date and the campaign will be running till then. Once you’re done with these settings, you can check you page on the preview section. You’ll be able to see it in three different variants and that’s exactly how your page will look as an ad when put into boosting(promotion) mode.

Promoting Your Facebook Business Page - Budget

Now, coming back to the other option of promoting your page on Facebook. It’s just like the previous one. Go to the Adverts Manager and select “Promote Your Page” option. Upon selecting, you’d be asked to name your campaign at the bottom of the Adverts manager.

Promoting Your Facebook Business Page - AM

After naming your audience, the page takes you to the settings page where the real game begins.

Promote Your Page : Audience

Unlike the previous option of directly choosing Gender and Age limit, this section gives the opportunity to target different set of audiences. You can either install Facebook conversion pixel on your  website and collect your website visitors in a bucket and add them into the audience set or you can also create lookalike audience as well. You can definitely play around with different sets or you can create individual campaigns for every audience set and target the ones that perform really well.

Promoting Your Facebook Business Page - Audience

Promote Your Page : Detailed Targeting

Upon choosing your audience set and the preferred language, you can now go ahead and select the targeting criteria. You can play around with interest set, behaviours as well as demographics. A far better opportunity than direct boost page option. You can now keep in mind about the connection type here to target the users accordingly.

Promoting Your Facebook Business Page - Detailed Targeting

Promote Your Page : Placements

Usually Facebook recommends automatic placements. But depending on your priority and campaign goals, you can select the placements. You can juggle with Facebook platform, instagram and audience network under edit placement option.

Promoting Your Facebook Business Page - Placements

Promote Your Page : Budget & Schedule

Fix the daily spend and move on to the scheduling option. You can schedule your ad and make it running according to the time frame that you decide. You can do that under advert scheduling section. Once the remaining settings are checked, go ahead and name your ad set to proceed further.

Promoting Your Facebook Business Page - B&S

The next page lands with the ad preview section on the right side and ad creation steps on the left side. The best part is that you can choose what you’d like to show in your ad. You can add an image in the ad and a piece of text content to make it even more attractive and you can play between 4 choices of the landing views. You can either choose Timeline, Photos, Likes or Notes. It is always a best practice that you install the Facebook conversion pixel on your website before starting the Facebook campaigns. It’ll pay you off in so many ways. Now you can select the option to track the conversions through the pixel as the next step.

Promoting Your Facebook Business Page - Order

Once you’re done with these steps, you can review the order and place it. If you have any other interesting ways to increase the likes for Facebook page or promote the page, do share them in comment section. Would love to know them! Now, it’s your time!

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