Raise Attendance At Your Event (An Easy How To Guide)


Business events are something that have become viral in the recent past and best suits for promoting the business and improves networking with clients/participants. Events marketing through online sources are reaching great heights just because of the after results of events lead to customer conversions and fantastic branding. Events are turning out to be every company’s classical target to understand their reach and business.

There are numerous ways to promote your event with prior and proper planning. Depending on the region and the type events that you plan to promote. Sometimes, equal opportunities need to be chosen to push the events through online and offline methods. For example, if your event is a local business catch up for a particular category, newspaper ads and local ads tend to get great response. If the event is taking place at global level, there should also be online promotions for the same to attract people worldwide.

The events can earn you lot of leads, good branding and word of mouth from your prospects. The leads can be put under various lead nurturing programs to help them convert as your customers. Depending on the outcomes and metrics from your first event, you can plan and pitch your forthcoming events in a perfect way to achieve maximum benefits.

Conducting events have a 50-50 share to achieve success through event planning and event marketing. Event planning involves several steps and various activities such as finalizing a comfortable date for the prospects to attend, choosing a good place to host the event and work on separate landing page for your event with an easy registration form, planning the key takeaways from the event and fixing a good price for the attendees to attend the event.

Raise attendance for your event - audience segment

Facebook is a great social and online platform to start with for promoting your business events. There are several factors that contribute to the credibility of Facebook’s promotions. Some of them can be listed as cost involved for promotions is cheaper, the type of audience targeting that’s available in Facebook closely matched our requirements and you can also get help and support from the community to promote the event at a very good level.

Facebook’s event promotion starts with a simple event creation under your company’s profile or page and start inviting the people who have liked your page or your business account friends. The event needs to be created well in advance, so that you can keep posting updates about the event and hence you’ll have some buzz around. You can also call in a for a particular Hashtag for the event.

Now let us look into deeper promotions of your event. Facebook’s adverts manager helps you in setting up a campaign for promoting your event.


You can select, “Raise attendance at your event” option under the consideration category and provide a campaign name for the same at the bottom of the adverts manager.


Raise attendance at your event : Audience & Location

Audience targeting is a great option provided by Facebook to target the exact criteria for the event. Depending on the nature of your business and event, you can select the audience base.


You can either build custom audience if you have the email list with you, can try website visitors or you can always choose the lookalike audience set as well.


If your business event is planned for a global reach, you can prefer different locations and target the users from various geo. Event signups and registrations must be designed in a simple way to get good numbers.

Raise attendance at your event : Interests & Placements

Targeting the audience according to their interests zone is another best part in taking up the event Facebook ads to the right people.


They have the maximum capability in engagements and signups. You can also target the users based on their behaviour.


Depending on target audience or follower base, you can finalize the ad placements. Usually event promotion for businesses works best through Facebook.

Raise attendance at your event : Budget & Ad Optimisation

As discussed in previous blogs, lifetime budgets helps a lot in this kind of promotions. You can target the users in specific time period of a day.


Also you can exclude weekends and holidays if you wish to! Ad optimisation has got 4 options :

  1. Event Responses
  2. Impressions
  3. Post Engagement
  4. Daily Unique Reach

For this promotion, Facebook recommends Event Responses option.


You can run your campaign on CPM and helps you in getting better figures for your event. Go ahead and provide a name for your adverts set and proceed to the next page.

Raise attendance at your event : Ad Creation & Order Placing

Did I tell you, that you must create an event on Facebook before starting to promote it here? Go back and copy the URL of your event and have it handy. Now get into the ad format section and choose the one that best matches your needs. If you carefully look at the options, you’ll find that the carousel option could be missing for the event promotion. After choosing the format, paste the URL of the event in the text box provided and add the image and further text content for your ad. Once you’re done with the above, review your complete order and place it.  


Now, it’s your turn to share the suggestions and insights that best worked for you in the comments section. If you have any further questions in setting up the events promotion section, please feel free to reach me out on the chat or comment below!

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