Reach People Near Your Business (An Easy How To Guide)

Reach People Near Your Business

This opportunity of promotion best works for local awareness where you plan to reach people near your business to gain visibility and sales. And it also helps to reach more potential customers through word of mouth marketing as well(at times!). Can be best put into action for first time customers. This way of promotion wins customers most often through your door!

Reach People Near Your Business - Business

The next opportunity that comes after boost your page in Facebook paid marketing is “reach people near your business”. Though, this was introduced in recent times, this opportunity has been put to great use by several companies and they have won several customers. Best suited for local business, this version helps the advertiser in hyper local targeting of potential customers who live in local area. There are options to target the visitors who have visited the area around your business location.

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The primary standpoint behind the opportunity is it’s affordable, and has the potential to target the right audience and also easy to set it up. The only limitation that incurs here is the unavailability of segmentation. Now let us get into the main setup.

You can go to adverts manager and select “Reach people near your business” under the awareness section. On doing so, you’ll be asked to enter the campaign name at the bottom of the adverts manager. 

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Provide the suitable campaign name and hit continue. You’ll be shown with the next level of targeting options. Select your page from the list of pages(if you own many) and proceed to Audience section.

Reach People Near Your business - Local Awareness

Reach People Near Your Business : Audience

Here comes the best part. Facebook lets you to enter the street name and even pin code of your locality to target the folks in and around. The locality area radius can be minimum of 1 mile radius to 50 mile radius at the maximum. When you’re sure about the local targeting places, go ahead and select the age and gender.

Reach People Near Your Business - Audience

Reach People Near Your Business : Placements

Facebook provides you the option of Automatic Placements and Manual Placements. Depending on the priority to show your Facebook ads, you can select the placements.

Reach People Near Your Business - Placements

Reach People Near Your Business : Budget & Schedule

You can set the type and budget of your campaign. If you choose the Lifetime budget, you get the opportunity to schedule the ads of your campaign. This will enable you run interim offers campaign for the people in your area. Weekend campaigns works best in such cases. Now go ahead and set your adverts name and continue to the next page.

Reach People Near Your business - Local Awareness - Budget

Reach People Near Your Business : Ad Format

The new page starts with the ad format. You have a number of option to juggle around. If you have multiple banners handy for the campaign, you can select slideshow format. This helps in better engagement and website traffic as well. Carousel best suits for retail stores, where they can display different items and provide a call to action as buy now. By saying that, you can use the same format for promoting a variety of offers as well. Apart from these two options, you can go for single image ad or a video ad as well. Video ad will have its own limitations to be put into action on Instagram.

Reach People Near Your business - Local Awareness - Ad Format

The next set leads to the two sided pane like the previous opportunities. Left side having the setup and the right side having the ad preview. Apart from the images and video for your ad, you get to add a bit of text content to it to make it look more attractive. Please provide the headline for the ad and link it with the landing page URL of the website.

Reach People Near Your Business : Call To Action

The CTA option for this kind of promotion plays a vital role in driving traffic. According to the type of ad and business that you promote, you have to choose the CTA wisely. Facebook provides 5 different CTA’s for your ad.

  • Like Page
  • Call Now
  • Get Directions
  • Learn More
  • Send Message

Reach People Near Your business - Local Awareness - CTA

A proper text ad content having a relevant image with a good CTA will drive awesome customers and have a better reach. And should you have installed the Facebook pixel on your website, you can collect the site visitors into a bucket and retarget them for future campaigns.

Reach People Near Your business - Local Awareness - Order

There’s a Mexican grocery store that gained 1600% new likes for its page and new customers for its store as well. Doesn’t it sound awesome ? Now it’s your turn to turn the numbers for your business! Please share us about your experience in the comments section if you have already tried this promotion for your business.


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