Send People To Your Website (An Easy How To Guide)


Who wouldn’t like to own a website for their business in this digital era? Websites have become the primary contributor for several industries to hit the market on time. Websites have been the only source of business for SAAS based companies. Having a website definitely separates you from others who don’t. When it comes down to business level, websites not only increase the business reach, it also helps users to get into various business activities, blogs, events and etc.

Almost everyone is driving crazy traffic to their website to increase their business opportunities through multifarious sources and channels. Facebook is just standing second to its ultimate competitor Google for traffic. Several companies try to get the most out of free traffic from google to their website by optimizing their SEO and backlinks. Ultimately they shift their focus on Google Adwords and Facebook for business as their second stage of paid traffic.


Though the conversion rates and traffic numbers can be equalled to Google Adwords, one must know how to setup the campaign through Facebook to target the right audience and interest sets to achieve the numbers. When everything falls right on place, you can even get a better number in terms of Cost Per Action.

Considering the Facebook audience set is expanding every single day, the post engagement numbers also keeps ticking. Facebook provides two opportunities with minor differences in the algorithm for both in terms of website traffic. The opportunities are “Send People To Your Website” and “Increase Conversions On Your Website”. Lately, I’ve been seeing so many questions on social media and Google about the differences between these two. Though I’ll be writing a separate blog on the latter, let me throw some limelight on these two initially here.

Send People To Your Website Versus Increase Conversions On Your Website

  1. Send people to your website is done by creating a link ad. Once the user clicks on the ad, he lands on the specified website URL. This can be done for growing email list, generate leads, send traffic to specific business or product pages, send traffic to your blog and for running campaigns for events and conferences.
  1. The second option – Increase Conversions On Your Website mainly helps in re-marketing website visitors. And it is done by placing the Facebook pixel on your website and capturing the website traffic / audience in a separate set and retarget them through Facebook campaigns with context and help them convert into customers.  

Now let us take a closer look at the “Send People To Your Website” opportunity on Facebook adverts manager under “Consideration” category.

Send People To Your Website step 1

Right upon choosing this option, you’ll be shown to select the campaign name for your campaign. Providing it, you can pursue to the next page.

Send People To Your Website step 2

Send People To Your Website : Audience & Location Settings

As specified in the previous blogs, this opportunity has also got the same list of settings for selecting your audience. Select the existing set of audience you want to target or you can select create new and either create a complete set of lookalike audience or custom audience. As usual, custom audience provides you additional opportunities.

Send People To Your Website Audience

Depending on the targeted location, you can dynamically select the regions from which you want people to come to your website. You can choose one from 4 provided options :

  1. Everyone in this location
  2. People who live in this location
  3. People recently in this location
  4. People who travel in this location

Send People To Your Website Location

Send People To Your Website : Detailed Targeting & Placements

Though we’re done with choosing the audience set, their interests and behaviours matters the most. Prefer the respective interest set of your desired audience so that your ads can perform at the best level and you can also end gaining lot of people on your website.

Send People To Your Website Targeting

Depending on the website and priority, you can select the placements. Some websites do not have the mobile compatibility option. It is always a best practice that you optimize your business website to be compatible on mobiles. Amongst all the campaigns that I have run on Facebook, Mobile traffic has been outnumbering the desktop traffic. Still, if you’re not comfortable with mobile traffic, please go ahead to Edit Placements and select Desktop Only and proceed into further settings.

Send People To Your Website Placements

Send People To Your Website : Budget & Schedule

You can either prefer daily budget or lifetime budget. The difference between the two is that Lifetime budget lets you run your campaigns on specific hours on every single day. Ad optimisation has a new option for this opportunity – “Link Clicks”. You’ll be charged for every click made on your ad(since the users land on your website by the click). If you select this option, then the bidding gets into CPC mode! If you select Impressions, the bidding gets into CPM mode. You can also try “Daily Unique Reach”.  It works on CPM mode and you can give the number that you’re comfortable with.

Send People To Your Website Budget

Send People To Your Website : Ad Creation

Unlike the previous versions, this opportunity allows you to create a link ad, if you had selected the option of link clicks.

Send People To Your Website Optimise

For this ad, you’d need an image of 1200 x 627 pixels, 25 characters title and 90 characters of text, CTA and finally, the landing page URL of your website.

Send People To Your Website Ad

It’s always a good practice to have a good relevancy between the ad / audience / landing page experience. You can measure the ad relevance in the adverts manager once the ad gets served for 500 impressions. Depending on this number, you can work on tweaking the ad set.

Once you’re done with the ad creation process, please don’t forget to review your order before placing it! Now it’s your turn to provide some additional points that can value ad to Send People To Your Website opportunity.

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