Content Writing Project : Re Expressing Game Of Thrones


Game of thrones

What is this scholarship all about ?

Hey GOT fans, this is a fun project for our upcoming website on Game of Thrones. This scholarship will be an unique opportunity to show your skills on content writing by portraying the things that could have made Game of Thrones even better or the way the series should have proceeded! Yes, we did not like Ned’s head being taken off, the red wedding and much more, just like you!

How is this filed under “Fun Project” ?

Just like you, we thought that we could do something to make RR Martin understand that he’s hurting all of us, though that has sculpted the success for the series! 😉  We have seen and read several fan page theories but never came across something that’s better contradicting his script! Of course it is a fun project, but if you feel something should have happened please come up with a content which can challenge RR Martin’s script. And best of all, we’d like to provide an opportunity to pen down your thoughts and help them reach the modern day “westerosi” audience to make them happy! 🙂

How to Apply :

  1. Send a 600 – 800 words content on any topic that you feel, should have been the scenario in Game of thrones(For example : What if Ned was alive or What if Jon Snow never resurrected or etc). You can write on any scenario! But only one scenario should be taken and discussed in those 600-800 words!
  2. The content/article should be mailed to “” with the subject “Scholarship
  3. Once you send in the content, you must share this scholarship opportunity on your social media channels.

Rules & Eligibility:

  1. The rules are pretty simple! Ideas should be your own and shouldn’t be copied!
  2. Content should be absolutely unique – will be tested for plagiarism.
  3. Our team has the full authority to use this content online and make necessary edits(if needed).
  4. Grammar and sentence structures must be impeccable!
  5. There’s no eligibility criteria as such! If you feel that you’re doing fantastic on your English and imaginative skills, this is the best choice for you to take part!
  6. This scholarship is open to all.

The Necessary Ones – Post Selection :

  1. If you’re selected for the scholarship, you’d be given 10 ~ 15 scenarios on how the series would have changed – basically, “what if” scenarios! For example : What if red wedding did not take place, What if Arya never got back her sight, etc.
  2. You’d need to write 1000+ worded content on each scenario – A better way to contradict RR Martin’s scripts or your version of how it could have been better 😉
  3. You’ll be given a month’s time to submit your content on all the scenarios.
  4. We will publish it in our website and promote it on all social channels.
  5. You must share the live content on social media from your end!

Winner :

The winner shall be awarded with $100 as scholarship by the end of the project (on submitting 10~15 scenarios, post selection) and if the content has good reach amongst the wider audience, you’ll get an opportunity to become a regular contributor for our future projects!

Deadline :

Please send in your content/submissions on or before 31 Jan 2017. The winner will be announced by 7 Feb 2017.

Queries :

You can mail us on : , if you have any queries or questions on this! Normally, we respond back immediately or 2 – 4 hours at the max!  

Looking forward for your response and imaginative thoughts on Game of Thrones! 🙂  

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