How To Create a Killer Content Marketing Strategy With Zero Budget

Creating a content strategy with a lot of funds on your hand might be a piece of cake but what if you don’t have dollars to spend. Well, Don’t let it petrify you. We’ll see how we can build a Content Marketing Strategy with zero budget. And get the most out of what you have in your hand. Having a content strategy will help you to be focused on your track, especially when you are just starting.

Focus on quality not quantity:

As far as startups are concerned, they don’t have the best sales record or big achievement to showcase on your website, or to boast about on the internet. What else can you do is let your content speak for you. Take your time and structure quality and trustworthy content that must convey your personality and tone. What good content is if it doesn’t convert. The best way to produce relevant content for your customers is to ask them directly. Create a poll or conduct a survey among your audience and find out their challenges and pain points. Use Google forms to create a customized survey for your business. This is how you attract your customer and drive them towards the next step of your sales funnel.

Use your social media:

This may seem like the most obvious thing but still, these are really important things, and engaging with your audience helps you in building your buyer persona. 

Social Media

Creating a buyer persona:

Create your buyer persona, A fictional character but a potential customer of your business. It could be anyone from a 70-year-old grandmother to a 40-year-old business person. By doing this you will be able to approach their needs and pain points from their shoes.

Imagining your perfect customer will help you put up with a rough sketch of your customer. So, instead of relying fully on your assumption, go out there and interview some of your former clients or the people you thought might be a perfect customer for your business. You could even do this with your competitor’s customers by interviewing them. By experimenting with this, you can come up with more and more details that help you to come up with a perfect buyer persona. This will require a little effort and won’t cost you a penny.

Competitor analysis:

Analyzing our competition

You might think that you are bringing in a totally new package into the market but guess what nobody is alone. Sooner or later you’ll find some people emerging with the same ideas and taking part in your race. There is a fair chance that some may exist already and you have not noticed them.

So, it is recommended to do a competitor analysis. Doing a competitor analysis will help you to;

  • Find who you are competing with
  • Identify the gaps left by you and your competitor
  • Discover new trends in the market
  • Know the competitive pricing, features, and perks they offer with their packages
  • Improve your product and services
  • Find different strategies to approach your market
  • Know what your audiences are looking for

Discover the right channel for your marketing:

Don’t take long steps when it comes to content marketing channels. It is a must to figure out what channel works best for you. For B2B LinkedIn works the best. 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content. They say that it is the most effective and often used social media among them. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the top three platforms for B2C marketing. Where you have a great chance of engaging with them directly.

Achievable goals:

It doesn’t matter what type of marketing you do, hustling without a goal will get you nowhere. Having Reasonable and achievable goals in your campaign is really important. It helps you keep focused. At first, your goals might be having a certain number of people visiting your website, signing up for your email newsletters, filling your contact forms. Expecting immediate conversions is not a sensible thing. It’s like watering a seed today and expecting a tree tomorrow.

Tools for your Marketing Strategy:

Initially, when you have just started, it is necessary that you have to track your content strategies, various tasks that you are carrying out. So, that you can make sure that you are on track. You can do that simply with the help of freely available tools provided by Google. 

Marketing tools for our strategy
  • Google Docs – to produce textual content, it’s a great tool. You can share and collaborate at the same time using this web tool.
  • Google Sheets – this can be used to track anything related to your business. You can manage multiple projects, accounts, budgets at the same time. You can also import data from excel.
  • Google Forms: This will help you to create surveys and aids you in collecting precious information about your prospect’s expectations.
  • Google Trends: it is an invaluable tool for marketers and a resource bank. It helps in finding information about products, services, information, and events. It analyses the real-time data and shows what is hot in today’s market.
  • Google calendar: one of the coolest calendars that were ever created. It’s an outstanding organizer. It helps you to schedule your entire day, week, month, years of tasks, meetings, and calls. The most important thing is you can incorporate your team members in it and plan meetings using google meet. Create editorial calendars and track your content publishing. There is no certain timeline you have to stick to in terms of publishing the content. You can publish once or twice every week or month. The goal is to keep your audience engaged and informed that you are about to add value to their lives or work. 


Content is inevitably dominating the internet. So creating and strategically publishing content has become a crucial role in developing your business, that doesn’t mean you have to pour money from your pocket to create and publish content. Initially what’s important is the quality time you spend on creating intriguing content. Literally, Time is Money here.