How Important Content Is For Startups

As the Digital Marketing world is evolving so fast and folks are going all out in the marketing battle and it’s important that we must present ourselves in the field and create enough noise to grab the people’s attention. You can achieve that with one of the reliable methods. Educating your target audience by creating and publishing content is how you communicate.

Why do you need content for your business?

As a founder, you know you have a remarkable product or service at your hand that can create a great impact on your targeting field. Just because you believe it people won’t necessarily come searching for you. So, what you can do is, let the world know about your existence, create brand visibility and show them what you are capable of. you will be doing that by creating high-quality and engaging content.

In this article we will be discussing the types of content you will need across the platforms to build the so-called brand awareness.

3 Things to know before writing

While writing content there are three things you should be keeping in your mind Your Goal, Target audience, Brand, and Voice.

What do you want to accomplish with this content?

Apart from educating your audience, your content should be able to achieve certain goals. So, you have to structure your content accordingly. Let’s say a visitor has landed on your home page, then the goal of your home page should be leading them to take their next CTA . And that might be entering your contact page or clicking the Subscribe button to your email newsletter or blog subscription or a ‘Get started’ button in case of a conversion.

Who are you talking to?

Your audience could be anyone, a person who works from home or a B2B business owner of a saas or tech company. So, know your market and target audience and tailor your content accordingly.

Brand and voice:

Communicating your Brand and Voice is a crucial thing if you want to create a great impression on your targeting audience. You must be able to convey your personality and attitude through your content and let them know why you are different from others. Make them feel assured that they are making the right decision on choosing you.

5 Types of content your business needs:

  • Descriptive content
  • Website content
  • Blog
  • Email and Newsletters
  • Social Media content

Descriptive content:

Every business needs descriptive content because that’s where you get to explain your existence and also address your Target Audience. Descriptive content should highlight the value, you can provide to your potential audience if they are going to buy your product or service. So, it is not a place where you can boast about what you are capable of instead, tell your audience how you can help them in better ways than the other companies. 

A descriptive content could be anything from a Product description, Tagline, Sales pitch, the About page section, and lastly when or wherever if anyone asks about your business. Make your content crisp, concise, and engaging so that people won’t get bored of it.

Website content:

When it comes to the website almost every content you create will get listed under this category. there are two major pages, one is the home page and the other is the about page.

For the homepage keep your content brief and targeted, include a short pitch, always focus on your customers and the most important thing of all is that leading the visitors to the CTA. Use images and illustrations to drive the user experience.

The next one is the about page, extremely important and one of the most viewed pages of your website because it’s not like every single one of your visitors is landing directly on your homepage and it’s also the visitor’s nature to check the about section if they want to proceed further. When a visitor comes to this particular page their main intention is to get to know about us. Ensure that the About page section is armed and ready to shoot the essentials that the visitors are looking for. 

There is a must-have thing when it comes to the About page;

Founder’s story- People love stories. This is where you need to tell the audience who you are as it applies to them, the reason why you have started this business. An inspirational story relating to your personal experience can help you to connect with your audience more effectively.


Even though there are a lot of marketing strategies still blogging is a great way to build your reputation, brand awareness and drive traffic while helping out your audience. Updating your website with relevant content will build your credibility. Half of your website traffic will come only through your blog so, if blogging is not on your checklist, you should perhaps think again.

Email and Newsletter:

Email and newsletters come in handy when it comes to retaining customers. Well, if someone has subscribed to your newsletter it means they are expecting to hear from you. So, you are allowed to email and update them about what you are up to lately and attach a link to one of your blog content or add a video link along with your email signature.

Social media content:

An ideal place where you can promote your content and drive traffic to your website. As you are writing for social media you can’t expect people to stay around for more than a minute [best case] So, keep it straight, engaging, and fun for the audience. Infographics and illustrations will speak much louder than just words.

To sum up:

Content is an integral part of any business strategy you follow. It doesn’t matter what kind of campaign you run, your goal is to convey to people, that

  • You have the solutions they are looking for
  • You can help them overcome their challenges
  • You are able to clear their roadblocks

through the content you post and share. So, yeah! Content is important.